Simulation masonry infill wall undergoes a vertical load and a horizontal displacement Abaqus

In this example , we intend to simulate the masonry infill wall in the Abaqus software

Masonry wall is located inside the steel frame

The connection between the bricks has been simulated using the mortar also the connection between the bricks and the steel frame is simulated by mortar

We use mortar to connect the bricks that mortar is defined as interaction property that interaction property consist of cohesive behavior and damage behavior

masonry infill wall

Actually the brick wall is modeled here using the Micro approach

In Micro approach , we define cohesive behavior along with damage and damage evolution, then we assign it to the interaction surfaces between bricks

In this question, the masonry infill wall undergoes a vertical load and a horizontal displacement

The steel frame consists of two steel columns and one steel beam and one plate

The steel frame has caused the masonry wall to become reinforced and has actually prevented from it’s failure

As you observe , in the right picture , the bricks have come apart and separated from one another completely, but in the left picture this has not occurred

Masonry wall with steel frame VS Masonry wall without steel frame

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