Simulation viscoelastic damper under cyclic loading Abaqus

This example examines the response of a viscoelastic damper under cyclic loading with the damper material modeled as a linear viscoelastic material using a Prony series calibrated to capture the hysteresis response accurately

The model consists of a layer of viscoelastic damping material between two steel plates,The damper dimension is 3.5 inches in the x-direction, and the viscoelastic material and steel plates are each 0.5 inches thick, for a total dimension of 1.5 inches in the y-direction

A sinusoidal time-varying x-direction displacement with an amplitude of 0.25 inches and a frequency of 1 Hz for a period of 10 seconds is applied to the nodes on the top surface

In this example , we use coupled transient temperature-displacement analysis and consider generated heat

The properties of the materials related to heat transfer

Hysteresis response for viscoelastic damper with the coupled thermomechanical analysis
Temperature history at center of viscoelastic region for the coupled thermomechanical analysis

Duration :23 minutes

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