Analysis of cantilever beam under pressure loading using solid , shell and beam elements in Abaqus software (abaqus VS exact solution)

In this example we intend to simulate cantilever beam under a uniform pressure using solid , shell and beam elements in the Abaqus software and following that compare the results gained, with those obtained by using the exact Solution method

The purpose of this analysis is calculating the deflection as well as the bending stress of the cantilever beam which shall be done using solid , shell and beam elements and the results gained will be compared together

As you observe in this picture, The length of the beam is 0.2 m , its width is 0.02 m and its thickness is 0.002 m. Here only elastic properties have been defined for the steel beam

In this picture , you can observe the deflection at the free end (vertical displacement) of cantilever beam under uniform load using exact solution

In this picture ,you can use this formula for calculating the bending stress using exact solution

Solid elements
Shell elements
Beam elements