Bearing capacity of a strip foundation using Mohr-coulomb plasticity and Drucker-prager Abaqus

In this example we intend to calculate the bearing capacity of a strip foundation, using Mohr-coulomb plasticity and Drucker-prager in the Abaqus software

In this example the bearing capacity obtained from Mohr-coulomb plasticity and Drucker-prager have been compared with the Terzaghi solution

The soil and foundation have been simulated in form of two-dimensional plane strain in which the height of soil is 20 m and its width is 40 m. The foundation is made of concrete with a width of 2 m and depth of 0.5 m

This question will be done in two steps

In the first step the weight of soil and foundation is applied and in the second step a vertical displacement is applied to the foundation

In this picture you can observe the bearing capacity obtained from Mohr-coulomb plasticity , Drucker-prager and Terzaghi solution

Bearing capacity from Mohr coulomb , Drucker prager and Terzaghi solution

The concrete foundation is assumed to be linear elastic with a Young’s modulus of 21 GPa and a Poisson ratio of 0.2

This problem is solved twice. The first time using the Mohr coulomb plasticity and the second time using the Drucker prager

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