Delamination analysis of laminated composites Abaqus

in this example , we simulate multi delamination in a layered composite specimen

a layered composite specimen 200 mm long, with a total thickness of 3.18 mm and a width of 20 mm, loaded by equal and opposite displacements in the thickness direction at one end. The maximum displacement value is set equal to 20 mm in the monotonic loading case

The thickness direction is composed of 24 layers  The model has two initial cracks: the first (of length 40 mm) is positioned at the midplane of the specimen at the left end, and the second (of length 20 mm) is located to the right of the first and two layers below

 the problem is modeled two-dimensional, the top part of the specimen(consisting of 12 layers), the middle section (2 layers), and the bottom part (10 layers) are modeled

we simulate adhesive with Cohesive elements COH2D4

force-displacement response using cohesive elements

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