Impact of ball full of gas into tennis racket in the Abaqus software

In this example we intend to simulate the impact of ball full of gas into tennis racket in the Abaqus software

In this question, the mass of the gas inside the ball is equal to 62 grams and the initial pressure of gas is 41 Kilo Pascal, and here we utilize Fluid Cavity method in order to simulate the gas inside the ball

The purpose of this simulation is to draw the diagrams of the gas Volume and Gas Pressure

The ball impacts on the strings at 6.706 m/sec at an angle of 15°

The ball is modeled as a sphere, using shell elements , The frame is assumed to be rigid , The strings of the tennis racket are modeled using truss elements

The strings of tennis racket undergo an initial tension equal to 44.48 Newton. This initial tension causes an initial stress to develop in the strings of tennis racket

Ball is assumed to be made of rubber, modeled with hyperelastic material

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