Drawing flow net and equipotential lines and flow lines for Anisotropic Soil Abaqus

This example been chosen from Example 9.6 Sam Helwany book

In this example , we simulate seepage (The flow of water through soils) and we draw flow lines and equipotential lines for Anisotropic Soil with Abaqus software

Many natural sedimentary soils are anisotropic with respect to permeability; their horizontal permeabilities are significantly greater than their vertical permeabilities

The sheet pile is simulated by a narrow V shaped gap and The embedded length of the sheet pile is 4.6 m

The water in the reservoir is 3 m high

The element used in this analysis is a plane-strain coupled pore fluid element

The equipotential lines shown in Figure
The flow lines shown in Figure
The flow lines and the equipotential lines are superimposed to form the flow net shown in Figure
The flow net shown in Figure with Abaqus software

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