Simulation seepage and drawing the flow net for the groundwater flow Abaqus

This example been chosen from Example 9.11 Sam Helwany book

In this example , we simulate seepage (The flow of water through soils) and we draw flow lines and equipotential lines with abaqus

A long horizontal drainage pipe located at 4.5 m below the ground surface

The drainage pipe is 0.6 m in diameter

The 3-m-deep water on top of the soil is replaced by a pore water pressure boundary condition with u = 30 kPa at the top surface of the flow domain

The pore water pressure along the perimeter of the drain is set equal to zero

The permeability of the soil is 5e-7 m/s. The weight of the water is applied by gravity loading

The two vertical sides and the bottom side of the flow domain are impermeable

The equipotential lines shown in Figure
The flow lines shown in Figure
The flow lines and the equipotential lines are superimposed to form the flow net shown in Figure
 flow net shown in Figure with Abaqus software

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