Stresses within the soil caused by the rectangular Load Abaqus

This example been chosen from Example 3.10 Sam Helwany book

In this question, we intend to simulate the stresses within the soil due to the rectangular load, in the Abaqus software

In this example , a rectangular load of 10 Kilo Pascal is to be applied to the soil and we are going to calculate the increase of stress having been caused within the soil and then we compare the results gained from the Abaqus software with the Boussinesq solution

Here you can observe geometric shape of soil. It’s length is 100 m , it’s width is 100 m too , and it is 50 m high. The loading area is also a rectangle , with a length of 4 m and width of 2 m

The soil is assumed to be linear elastic with Young’s modulus 1e7 KPa and Poisson’s ratio 0.3

Increase of stress within the soil from Abaqus software
Increase of stress within the soil from Sam Helwany book
Comparison between Abaqus results and Sam Helwany book results

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