Two degree of freedom system with non-linear springs Abaqus 

In this example we intend to simulate the two degree of freedom system with non-linear springs in the Abaqus software

As you observe in this picture, M1 and M2 masses have been connected together by spring and damper and on the right and left sides non-linear springs have been utilized

In this question, Velocity and Force applied to each one of masses have been distinguished. the initial velocity of M1 is equal to 100 m/s and the force applied to M2 is equal to 3000 Newton

The purpose of this analysis is to draw diagrams of velocity and Displacement for M1 and M2 masses and in these pictures the diagrams of Velocity and Displacement from the Abaqus software have been compared with the results obtained from analytical solution

Displacement of M1
Velocity of M1
Displacement of M2
Velocity of M2

The diagram having been drawn with red color is the diagram obtained from the Abaqus software. As you observe, the results from the Abaqus software are quite identical to those gained from the analytical solution

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