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Bearing Capacity of a Square Foundation Abaqus

This example been chosen from Example 6.3 Sam Helwany book

In this example , we calculate the bearing capacity of a 3m * 3m foundation

The three-dimensional model analyzed is shown in Figure 6.12. The sand layer is 50 m deep and 100 m * 100 m in plan. The loaded area is 3m * 3m. The model considers only one-fourth of the sand layer and the loaded area

In this analysis , we use two steps

In first step , gravity loads and surcharge loads are applied to the sand layer

In second step , the foundation load is applied using a constant downward displacement boundary condition at the top surface of the foundation

In this example we establish the load–displacement relationship for the 3m * 3m footing. The bearing capacity of the footing can be obtained from the load–displacement curve

bearing capacity of 1350 kPa predicted by Sam Helwany book
bearing capacity of 1328 kPa predicted by Abaqus
Comparison between Abaqus results and Sam Helwany book results

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