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Arc Welding Course in Abaqus 

In this package, simulation of Arc welding using Abaqus software and subroutine Dflux is taught

This package includes 8 tutorials and more than 5 hours

Subroutine Dflux (Fortran code) has been used to define heat flux in all tutorials except this case

What you will learn

Definition of moving the welding torch on a circular path

Definition of moving the welding torch on a straight line

Definition of moving the welding torch on a rectangular path

Single pass welding for plate and pipe

Two pass welding for plate and pipe

Pulse welding for different frequencies

Drawing the residual stress diagram

TIG welding process or GTAW

The correct definition of the Goldak’s double-ellipsoid heat source using subroutine Dflux

Images of Arc welding course

Your questions :

Is there a discount for this package?

We have considered a 30% discount for this course

Will this package be updated?

Yes – this package will be updated and new tutorials will be added. and you can get new tutorials for free

Can I ask you, my questions?

Yes- you can ask me your questions and I will help you. Also, you can consult us if you have a problem or error in your model. We try to solve your problem

Have these projects been validated?

Who is this course for?

Everyone who want to learn Arc welding using Abaqus and subroutine DFLUX

Mechanical engineers

Research project

Master and PHD students

27$    39$

Information about this course

After purchase ,You will receive these files for each tutorial

Full video (Step by step)

Cae file

inp file

Excel files (Results)

Excel file (Material)

Subroutine file (Fortran code)

Paper (Article)

The language of the videos


Total duration of videos

Is 5 hours and 12 minutes

Number of tutorials


Size of this package

Is 1.54 GB

Method of receiving

After payment, the download links will be sent to your email immediately

Payment Method

Method 1 (Visa Card/MasterCard) : You can buy online using Visa Card and MasterCard

Method 2 (PayPal) : Contact us by email to purchase with PayPal


$ 27

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  • Hamid

    Hello Mr, Moeini
    I will work on a projct about WEDM (wire electric discharge machining) . But I dont Know if this package , that is about Arc welding Process , can be helpful for me or not! if you have any Info about EDM process please tell me , can i use Deflux or Goldak’s subroutines to simulate my work or not
    if this package works for simulation of EDM I will surely buy it.
    Thank you and have good day
    Hamid Hesni

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