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These articles are in the fields of Steel plate shear wall (SPSW) , Masonry wall , Connection beam to column , Laser forming , Yielding damper , Slit damper , Perforation of projectile to target , Hysteresis analysis , Pushover analysis , Concrete-filled steel tubes (CFT) , Delamination, Arc welding (TIG) , Steel moment frame , Concentrically braced frames (CBF) , Progressive collapse , FGM , Buckling Restrained Braces (BRB) , Explosion




Experimental and theoretical studies of steel shear walls with and without stiffeners

Behavior of semi-supported steel shear walls: Experimental and numerical simulations

Hysteretic behavior of coupled steel plate shear walls

Seismic behavior of semi-supported steel shear walls

Experimental Studies on Cyclic Behavior of Corrugated Steel Plate Shear Walls

Experimental study on diagonally stiffened steel plate shear walls with central perforation

Ductility and Energy Dissipation Capacity of Shear-Dominated Steel Plate Walls

Cyclic Test of a Coupled Steel Plate Shear Wall Substructure

Large-Scale Cyclic Testing of Steel-Plate Shear Walls with Coupling


Experimental study on cyclic behavior of trapezoidally corrugated steel shear walls

Experimental and numerical investigation of low-yield-strength (LYS) steel plate shear walls under cyclic loading

Special Perforated Steel Plate Shear Walls with Reduced Beam Section Anchor Beams. I: Experimental Investigation

Experimental study on the hysteretic behavior of steel plate shear wall with unequal length slits

Experimental and numerical study of unstiffened steel plate shear wall structures

Behaviour of stainless steel beam-to-column bolted connections-Part 1: Simplified FE model

WUF-W connection performance to box column subjected to uniaxial and biaxial loading

Cyclic performance of bolted end-plate RWS connection with vertical-slits

An alternative detail for continuity plates in steel beam to box-column moment-connections

Cyclic behavior of welded elliptical-shaped RWS moment frame

Structural behaviour of stainless steel double extended end-plate beam-to-column joints under monotonic loading

Seismic performance of flange plate connections between steel beams and box columns

Numerical study of Slotted-Web–Reduced-Flange moment connection

Cyclic dependency assessment of RBS moment connection in box-column

Cyclic testing of tubular web RBS connections in deep beams

Seismic performance of the Accordion-Web RBS connection

Study of steel moment connection with and without reduced beam section


Influence of masonry infill on the seismic performance of concentrically braced frames

Displacement-restraint bracing for seismic retrofit of steel moment frames

Internal explosive loading of steel pipes

Simulating masonry wall behaviour using a simplified micro-model approach

Investigation on laser forming of stainless steel sheets under coupling mechanis

Experimental and Numerical Investigation into the Quasi-Static Crushing Behaviour of the S-Shape Square Tubes



Cyclic performance of steel moment-resisting connections with reduced beam sections - experimental analysis and finite element model simulation

Experimental, numerical and analytical study on seismic performance of shear-bending yielding coupling dampers

Cyclic behavior of shear-and-flexural yielding metallic dampers

Analytical and experimental study on mild steel dampers with non-uniform vertical slits

Assessment Using FEA of the Influence of Detailing Parameters on Performance of Buckling Restrained Braces

Experimental and FEM analysis of reduced beam section moment endplate connections under cyclic loading

An experimental study of static and dynamic behaviour of bolted end-plate joints of steel

Experimental Study on Progressive Collapse-Resistant Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures

Behavior of Steel Plate Shear Wall Connected to Frame Beams Only

Experimental study of cyclic behavior of composite vertical shear link in eccentrically braced frames

Numerical evaluation of ductility and energy absorption of steel rings constructed from plates

Progressive collapse behavior of joints in steel moment frames involving reduced beam section

High-velocity impact responses of 2618 aluminum plates for engine containment systems under combined actions of projectile form and oblique angle

Perforation of AA5083-H116 aluminium plates with conical-nose steel projectiles—experimental study

Vibration analysis of FGM rings using a newly designed cylindrical superelement

Cyclic tests on corrugated steel plate shear walls with openings in modularized-constructions

Numerical simulation of ballistic impact on aluminium 5083-H116 plate with Johnson cook plasticity model

Experimental study of cross stiffened steel plate shear wall with semi-rigid connected frame

Investigation of different steel intermediate moment frame connections under column-loss scenario

Progressive collapse resistance of two-storey seismic configured steel sub-frames using welded connections

Effect of projectile nose shape, impact velocity and target thickness on deformation behavior of aluminum plates

Study of stainless steel bolted extended end-plate joints under seismic loading

Seismic behavior of steel structure with end-plate-connected replaceable shear link

Experimental and numerical investigation of novel partially connected steel plate shear walls

Non-uniform steel strip dampers subjected to cyclic loadings

Hourglass-shaped strip damper subjected to monotonic and cyclic loadings

Experimental evaluation of rigid connection with reduced section and replaceable fuse

Experimental study of a steel damper with X-shaped welded pipe halves

Evaluation Effects of Modeling Parameters on the Tem- perature Fields and Residual Stresses of Butt-Welded Stain- less Steel Pipes