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Impact / Penetration of Projectile to Target Course in Abaqus

This package includes 5 tutorials and more than 210 minutes

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Is there a discount for this package?

We have considered a 30% discount for this course

Will this package be updated?

Yes – this package will be updated and new tutorials will be added. and you can get new tutorials for free



Can I ask you, my questions?

Yes- you can ask me your questions and I will help you. Also, you can consult us if you have a problem or error in your model. We try to solve your problem

Have these projects been validated?

Yes – all these projects have been validated, which means that the results obtained from Abaqus software are similar to the results of the article. In other words, all projects are based on the article

Who is this course for?

Everyone who want to learn Impact / penetration of projectile to target (Failure , Damage) using Abaqus

Mechanical engineer

Research project

Master and PHD students

Anyone who needs verified projects (accurate results)

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After purchase ,You will receive these files for each tutorial

Full video (Step by step)

Cae file

inp file

Excel files (Results)

Paper (Article)

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Total duration of videos

Is 212 minutes

Number of tutorials


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Is 2.65 GB

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After payment, the download links will be sent to your email immediately

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$ 33

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