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Incremental Sheet Forming Course in Abaqus

In this package, simulation of Incremental sheet forming (ISF) or Single point incremental forming (SPIF) process using Abaqus software and MATLAB software is taught

This package includes 5 tutorials and more than 190 minutes

In this package, the incremental sheet forming process is performed for these shapes

Truncated cone


Hyperbolic cone

Truncated pyramid

MATLAB software is used to define the path of the tool, then the data is transferred from MATLAB software to Excel software, and in the next step, the data is transferred from Excel software to Abaqus software

In fact , the Tool moves in a spiral path that causes the sheet to be formed gradually. we use Matlab software in order to define moving of the Tool path (spiral path)

Images of Incremental Sheet Forming course

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Is there a discount for this package?

We have considered a 30% discount for this course

Will this package be updated?

Yes – this package will be updated and new tutorials will be added. and you can get new tutorials for free

Can I ask you, my questions?

Yes- you can ask me your questions and I will help you. Also, you can consult us if you have a problem or error in your model. We try to solve your problem

Who is this course for?

Everyone who want to learn incremental sheet forming using Abaqus and MATLAB

Mechanical engineers

Research project

Master and PHD students

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Information about this tutorial

After purchase ,You will receive these files for each tutorial

Full video (Step by step)

Cae file

inp file

Excel files (X,Y,Z Amplitude)

Excel file (Material)


The language of the videos


Total duration of videos

Is 193 minutes

Number of tutorials


Size of this package

Is 504 MB

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After payment, the download links will be sent to your email immediately

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