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Laser bending process in the Abaqus

In this example we intend to simulate the process of laser bending in the Abaqus software

In this simulation, the effect of laser power and the laser beam speed as well as the radius of laser beam on bending angle will be investigated. In this question the Subroutine D-flux has been utilized in order to define the moving of heat source

In this table you can observe different states of simulation of the laser bending process , and in each one of these states the laser power and laser beam speed will be changed and angle of bending is calculated accordingly

Actually, we intend to simulate this article ‘’Investigation on Laser Forming of Stainless Steel Sheets Under Coupling Mechanism’’ in the Abaqus software

Unit of temperature is kelvin

In this picture , you can see the diameter of laser beam in abaqus software

This project has been validated, which means that the results obtained from Abaqus software are similar to the results of the article. In other words, this project is based on the article

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