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Calculation of phreatic surface in an earth dam Abaqus

This example been chosen from Example 9.12 Sam Helwany book

In this example we intend to calculate the phreatic surface of an earth dam using the Abaqus software

As you observe in the picture, the height of earth dam is 24 m and the water behind the earth dam is 12 m high and the permeability coefficient of the earth dam has been supposed to be 0.03 m/s

In this question , we only intend to study the fluid flow inside the soil (seepage) and we will ignore deformation of earth dam

The earth dam is composed of a drainage blanket at it’s bottom section , and the width of that is 9 m and it is used to control seepage through the dam

The phreatic surface in the dam is the locus of points at which the pore water pressure is zero and above the phreatic surface the pore water pressure is negative and below this phreatic surface the pore water pressure is positive

In fact , the pore water pressure above the phreatic surface is negative and the pore water pressure below the phreatic surface is positive

phreatic surface of the dam
pore water pressure


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