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Eulerian analysis of a collapsing water column in Abaqus

In this illustration we intend to simulate Eulerian analysis of the water column collapse in the Abaqus software. In this example, the water column is subjected to the gravity load, causing the water column to collapse and the water to flow down on the ground

 In this picture you can observe the Eulerian area as well as the initial place of the water fluid

The Eulerian domain is a rectangle with the length and width of 10 by 5 meters. The Eulerian area is actually an area on which the water fluid can move in it. Here the water column has an elevation of 4.5 meters

The area of water has been marked out with blue while the void area has been displayed by red color in this picture

The void area is indeed the space where there isn’t any water

These pictures you can observe deformation of the water column in different time

Water properties include density of 1000 kg/m3 , viscosity of 0.001 Pa.s , speed of sound of 1500 m/s


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