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Explosion in Shaped Charge Warhead using Abaqus

As you observe in the picture, the warhead is composed of Explosive Material and Liner and the detonator that has been displayed by red color

In this question, the explosive material is the Composition B, and the composition B is a compound of RDX and TNT

The liner has the shape of a Hollow cone and the angle of the tip of cone is 100 degrees

The copper liner is initially in the form of a hollow cone, which after explosion appears in the form of a long and thin rod at high speed that can penetrate all kinds of armor and alloys

In fact, after the explosion, the pressure behind the liner increases to such an extent that the liner is thrown at a very high speed

In this picture, you can observe deformation of liner during the process of detonation in which the initial shape of lines is hollow conical and its final shape is like a long and thin bar

When the explosive explodes, a lot of pressure is applied to the back of the liner, which pushes the liner forward very quickly. and as you observe here, the maximum speed is nearly 5000 m/second that the liner can pierce all types of armors, alloys and hard targets at such an enormous speed

As it can be observed here, the initial shape of liner is conical and after the detonation the liner is converted into a long, thin bar and you can observe here the final geometric shape of the liner

The final shape and ultimate speed of liner are greatly dependent on initial geometric shape of liner. That is, if the angle of the tip of the cone changes, the final speed and final shape of the liner will change drastically

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