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Interaction between the soil and foundation Abaqus

In this example, we intend to simulate the interaction between the soil and foundation in the Abaqus software

In Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI) , we define interaction between soil and foundation using coefficient of friction and define interaction between foundation and columns using tie constraint

This model is composed of soil , foundation and column

The length of soil is 100 m , it’s width is 70 m and it’s height is 20 m .Here the Mohr Coulomb plasticity has been used in order to define the properties of soil plasticity

The foundation is made of concrete and the columns are made of steel

The foundation is 20 m long and 14 m wide

The number of columns are 24 and they are in a one-story frame and you can see the arrangement of the columns on the foundation in this picture

In this question , the columns set in one-story frame has been utilized in order to apply the loading process to the foundation

In other words, the loading is applied to the columns and subsequently the loading is transferred from columns to the foundation

Vertical displacement (settlement)
Vertical displacement of foundation (scale factor 200)

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