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Moving the laser beam in the triangular path using Dflux subroutine Abaqus

In this example we intend to simulate Laser Beam move in a triangular path using D-Flux Subroutine in the Abaqus software

The laser beam passes through AB, BC and CA paths at a constant speed of 10 mm/second and the angle between AB and BC lines with horizontal line is 60 degrees

Here the Gaussian model has been used in order to define the “surface Heat Flux” and the laser power has been considered equal to 80 Watts in this example

This analysis will be done in two steps and in the first step the laser beam move will be defined and in the second step , the Cooling process will be implemented

The laser beam moves at the speed of 10 mm/second in triangular path. Actually the laser beam moves in 3 different paths, the first and second paths are slanting lines and the third one is a horizontal line

In this problem, three methods of conduction ,convection and radiation heat transfer are performed

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