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Sheet hydroforming process in Abaqus

In this example we intend to simulate the process of sheet hydroforming in the Abaqus software

In this question, we use the hydroforming process twice to achieve the desired shape of the sheet

This question will be done in 6 steps and during the step 1 the fluid pressure is applied to the top section of the sheet causing that to be deformed. In the step 2 , the fluid pressure is gradually removed so that the springback process can be implemented

In these pictures you can observe deformation of the sheet caused by hydroforming process in end of step1

The step 3 is an annealing step and during this process all the stresses and strains will become equal to zero

In the step 4 , the Die 3 is added to the model

In the step 5 , hydroforming process is implemented for the second time during which the fluid pressure is applied to the bottom of the sheet causing that to be deformed

In the step 6 , the fluid pressure is gradually removed so that the springback can be implemented

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