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Simulation inverse Piezoelectric effect in the Abaqus

In this example, we intend to simulate the inverse Piezoelectric effect in the Abaqus software

In this question , two Piezoelectric strips have been connected to the top and bottom surfaces of a Composite beam

The Piezoelectric used in this question is PZT-5H and we intend to apply the Electric Potential Difference of 1000 Volt to the Piezoelectric and calculate the deformation having been created using the Abaqus software

Actually , the Electrical Energy would be converted to Mechanical Energy in the inverse piezoelectric

You can observe the diagram of input Voltage to the Piezoelectric

When an electric potential difference is applied to the Piezoelectric , a deformation will be created to piezoelectric

You can observe deformation of the piezoelectric after applying the voltage of 1000 Volts to the piezoelectric 

In other words, when voltage of 1000 Volts is applied to each one of piezoelectrics, an Electric Field will be created in piezoelectrics , It causes the piezoelectric to deform

The maximum of vertical displacement is equal to 10.69 mm

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