Simulation low-cycle fatigue 3D Abaqus

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Simulation low-cycle fatigue 3D Abaqus

In this tutorial , we simulate 3D fatigue in Abaqus software by using Paris law

The  specimen has a length of 6 m, a width of 3 m, and an initial crack length of 1.5 m, In the low-cycle fatigue analysis, a cyclic displacement loading with a peak value of .00019 m is specified

Equal and opposite displacements are applied at both ends in the width direction

In this example , we use Direct cyclic analysis and analyze 5000 cycles

initial crack

crack propagation in 1000 cycle

crack propagation in 2000 cycle

crack propagation in 3000 cycle

crack propagation in 4000 cycle

crack propagation in 5000 cycle

In this example ,we should edit input file and add code, we use *Fracture criterion and *Surface behavior codes

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