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Simulation the Cobiax slab in Abaqus

In this example, we intend to simulate the cobiax slab in the Abaqus software

The length and width of cobiax slab is 4 meters and an axial force of 440 kilo Newton is applied to the cobiax slab

In this model the cobiax parts are placed beside one another at a distinguished distance , then two wire meshes will be placed on the top and below the cobiax parts and finally the concrete pouring will be accomplished. Using cobiax parts in the concrete slab will cause the hollow cavities to be created in the concrete slab leading to the decrease of concrete slab weight and so less concrete will be consumed

We used the concrete damaged plasticity (CDP) for defining the voided slab

The cobiax parts have been considered as spherical globes

The diameter of cobiax parts are 315 mm

You can observe the tensile damage and propagation of crack in the concrete

The areas marked out with red color are those having been damaged

you can see DAMAGET (tensile damage) in concrete

Actually , as the amount of force applied to concrete increases , the tensile damage on concrete slab will increase as the same and more areas on the concrete will suffer damage

you can see DAMAGET (tensile damage) in concrete

You can see the vertical displacement in picture below

You can see the diagram of “Force-Displacement” for the concrete slab

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