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Square Deep drawing in the Abaqus software

In this illustration we intend to simulate the square deep drawing  in the Abaqus software. This model is composed of punch , holder , sheet and Die and since there is a symmetry in the model , we will simulate one-fourth of that

you can observe one-fourth of the Model in the left picture and the complete one in the right picture

In the deep drawing process first the sheet is set on the Die , then the holder part will be placed on the sheet following that a determined force will be applied to the holder causing the sheet to hold still

The force of the blank holder should be appropriate because if the force applied is too much , the punch force will be increased and finally causes the sheet to be sheared , and if the force applied is less than normal , the sheet will be wrinkled

In the next step , punch will be set on the sheet , then slide downward and causes the sheet to get into shape

Here you can observe the final shape of the sheet at the end of the deep drawing process

As it can be observed here , the least quantity of thickness is 0.68 mm that having been displayed by blue color

You can observe the equivalent plastic strain (PEEQ) , the most quantity of PEEQ having been displayed by red color

You can see the diagram of the force having been applied to the punch versus punch displacement

This is the force applied to the punch itself , and then through the punch to the whole sheet , causing that to be deformed. in fact , this is the force which is extremely needed so that complete deformation can be applied to the sheet

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