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The soil, foundation and a six-storey building undergone the earthquake in the Abaqus

In this example we intend to simulate the the soil, foundation and a six-storey building undergone the earthquake in the Abaqus software

This model is composed of soil, foundation and a six-storey building , and this is while the six-storey building will be exposed to the live and dead loads

In this question, a ground acceleration record will be applied to the bottom of the soil in Y Direction 

In this question the infinite elements will be utilized for diffusing  waves out of the soil and preventing them from radiating back into the soil again. In this picture , the infinite elements have been distinguished by blue color

The length of soil is 100 m , it’s width is 70 m and is 20 m high. The length of infinite elements is 20 m as well

The length of foundation is 20 m and is 14 m wide

horizontal displacement of the top point of building
horizontal displacement of the top point of building relative to the ground

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