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Thermal-electrical modeling of an automotive fuse Abaqus

In this example, we intend to simulate the Joule heating process in the fuse. The process is in such a manner that a 30-ampere current passes through the fuse and causes the temperature of fuse to increase. Actually , the electrical energy is converted to thermal energy

The fuse is composed of two blades with a thickness of 0.76 mm each , and one S-shaped Fuse element with a thickness of 0.28 mm

The reason of this is that if the current passing through the Fuse exceeds than the Allowable level , the middle section that has less thickness might start melting and the current would come to a halt

Actually since the middle section of the fuse has less thickness , it would melt sooner

The middle section of the Fuse has more Temperature

As you observe the middle section of the Fuse has more Temperature, actually this section tends to melt sooner , and if this section melts , the current inside the Fuse will be cut off

This problem is done in two steps

 In the step 1 , we intend to simulate the “Joule Heating process” that a current of 30 ampere will pass through the fuse during this process that will cause the heat to be produced inside the Fuse

In the step 2 , we intend to implement the cooling process the fuse. Actually , during this step , the Electric current will be cut off and the process of cooling the Fuse will be implemented 

you observe the input current during which the current enters into the fuse and also you can observe the output current from the fuse during which the current gets out of the fuse

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